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You will need Adobe Flash Player Installed.iPad, iPhone and iPod are not currently supported.

Most every browser is supported, however in some cases browser updates can impact the video player install. You may consider updating Flash Player, especially if it works fine in an alternate browser but not your favourite browser.

The SSN supports PC, Linux and Mac platforms by using Flash. Without going into full detail, if your computer is less than 5 years old we don't expect you to have any issues. That being said if you are running low on memory or hard drive space, your experience will be reduced. Close other programs if you have too many open. In all cases, if you're wondering, simply try on another computer and compare.

True High speed is required. Some Internet providers sell a 'Lite' version of their service, which only runs at about 120 - 250 kb/s. Our broadcasts occur at 350 kb/s. True high speed is considered over 2,000 kb/s or 2 Mb/s+ which will easily accomodate watching your games. Some providers also limit or cap your capacity. If you think this is happening, give them a call and verify their limits. There are many providers who do NOT cap your Internet experience.

Quick Facts:
SSNCanada uses the CORE Streaming Technology. This is a Canadian developed system from iSi Global Webcasting, Ottawa Canada. Please call 888.683.5727 with questions during normal operating hours M-F 8-5 EST.

Questions and Answers:

Why do i/Phones etc. not work?

Apple has decided that they will not support Flash on their devices. We do not have control over this.

We will work towards supporting all devices in future, however it is cost-prohibitive to make special accommodations for these devices at the expense of expanding the actual coverage of games. We understand this is frustrating, and share in your feelings